Our Story

In recent years, what is “healthy” and what makes us “well” has become more confusing than ever.

Diets have had us eating blindfolded, doing shots of oxygen, dining on baby food and only consuming ingredients that are raw, liquid, or the colour purple. There have been so many contradicting views on what is good for us that even reaching for an apple can feel like a cardinal sin.

As nutrition experts, we wanted to add a bit of knowledge and truth to the situation. A bit of science that helps you make the right decisions without relying on the latest fad.

We think that everyone should be able to enjoy food as something that energises, heals and tastes amazing, rather than fear it as something full of harmful tricks and traps.

Our Purpose

In July 2017, with the purpose of making eating well accessible to the general public, we created Sano To Go. Every dish at Sano To Go has been made with real nutritional science in mind to create a menu of fresh, uncomplicated meals that are indeed healthy.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help people make the right nutrition decisions, by supporting & educating them to make small incremental behaviour changes in their everyday lives.

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